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Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day with Hermis

At Hermis, we have put together a plethora of fun activities for Administrative Professionals’ Day. Learn more about admins, create bonds and have fun at the same time through activities that are a breath of fresh air breaking away from back-to-back virtual meetings.

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Featured Event

End of Line (Escape Room)

Play the game of escape room in a fascinating setting of a runaway train. Solve the puzzles and unlock the mysteries to help you get from where you are to the engine.

Enjoyed by people at

Enjoyed by people at

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Engage with your team over activities

Embedded activities and game play

Well-known Contests

Trivia, Voting, Bingo, Polls, Scavenger Hunt, Escape Room, …

Popular Games

Charades, Pictionary, Taboo, Code Names, …

Custom Crafts

“Four sense”, “Deduction”, “Lonely at the top”, “Virtual Telephone”, …

Enjoy the spirit of playing in a team

Integrated team play mechanics

Mingle Mode

Online gatherings become more meaningful with formation ad hoc groups and fluid motion between them.


Teams & Scoring

With team formation and automated scoring, team-based games become a lot more engaging.


Huddle Mode

Enable private conversation for your group for a more immersive experience with an activity.


Customize to make it your own venue

Comprehensive personalization options

Specialized Agenda

Select and style your activities ahead of time for a graceful experience.


Customized Content

Pick relatable topics for your activities to make the event more memorable.


Venue Theming

Choose from your corporate colors or jazz it up a bit to match the occasion.


Event Professionals

Take away the stress of organizing an event by having a professional prepare, organize and conduct the event for you!


Made for all your events

Organize all your virtual collaborative events with ease.

Offsite Events

Virtual Offsites

Team building, Strategy offsite, Project launch, …

Recurring Activities

Recurring Activities

Happy hour, Game night, All Hands, …

Special Occasions

Festive Occasions

Holiday Party, Halloween, Diwali, …

Individual Celebrations

Individual Celebrations

Onboarding, Birthdays, Showers, …


Start scheduling your team building events

Organize all your virtual collaborative events with ease.

Start scheduling your team building events

Organize all your virtual collaborative events with ease.